A Magical


A Light


The art exists from the projection of a moving laser light through a glass art previously designed by artist Aurelia Bizouard to deliver a strong message that engages the conversation on positive change: being immersed in a peaceful world.


A powerful awareness experience that impacts each one of us: we belong when we connect to oneself and when we stop, contemplate, think, act: being immersed into a world of light invites us to a magical place where technology, art and human beings meet.








While people are seeking real connections and real places to be with their true self, the light and the colour from this experience create a magical place where we connect to oneself. It allows us to acknowledge the beauty of ordinary things surrounding us, to understand how important contemplation is and to ask ourselves which world we want.


Contemplate & Feel.

Entering a world of light brings you to a place outside of the real world and invite you to contemplate and stop.


Diving into a
World of Art.