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Feel. Create. Connect.

We would like people to connect with art, with themselves and to each other. We believe this can happen by providing an immersive experience, by enabling people to create a work of art or to be part of it.


At first, there was a strong envy to connect people with art. The artist Aurelia Bizouard decided to engage people in the creative process of making art or seeing art in a different way to feel the essence of being. Kulturelia was created mid-2017. From there, in order to completely immerse people into art, light and music were added to the experience. 
Today, public art projects are taking place everywhere focusing on major topics of our society while engaging the inner self of each one of us.


Aurelia Bizouard - Creative and Artistic Director




Lok Liu -
Lighting Designer &
CEO of Lighting Geek




Aurelia Bizouard is a creative director, a visual artist and the founder of Kulturelia.
As an artist, she creates art on glass panels, representing a metaphor for life, the importance of living and the uniqueness of everything around us. From the contemplation of human existence to the beauty of the ordinary things surrounding us, she tries to express the world we see, the emotions and the importance of being connected to each other’s. She forces us to stop and be immersed into a moment in life that art influences. Her work is created with reverse painting on glass, using light, colours or other ways to play and innovate.
This French artist lives between Paris, France, and Vancouver, Canada. Her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in East Vancouver and she is also represented in Los Angeles.
Aurelia also has a business degree and after 10 years in sales and marketing, she is now focusing on a human-centered culture, focused on collaboration, cross-communication, a human experience of creativity and self-empowerement. With kulturelia, she is helping people to connect with art, with thenmselves and to each other's, her philosophy is making people thrive and following their heart first.






Lok is a technology enthusiast in lighting and semiconductor domain.
After graduating from physics program of Simon Fraser University, Lok served as R&D engineer in LED lighting field for two years before starting his own venture. As a technology entreprenuer, Lok created several internet based lighting brands in North America: DragonX - the only FDA approved entertainment laser brand in Canada; HiNeon - a revolutionary LED Neon line to replace traditional Neon; SimpleLumen.com - lighting as building materials. He is the foudre and CEO of Lighting Geek, based in Richmond.




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The word Kulturelia comes from the powerful feeling experienced by the creation of the art and the Stendhal syndrome named hyperkulturemia. It happens when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly viewing ART.



Create - Feel - Connect.

© Revan Caluya

© Revan Caluya