Many reasons to be part of something bigger. 

© David Lavallee

© David Lavallee

Doing art is a huge stimulation of the brain: it empowers to create and it stimulates ideas. It is a discovery of your own creativity, artistic skills and it gives the possibility to people to start something new or step up outside their boundaries. This is one reason we bring the Kulturelia light painting art projects to people.

The Kulturelia light painting art projects allow people to engage, communicate and demonstrate their understanding in new ways. It actively engages viewers in an art form. In this participatory artwork, people create on a major topic that is important to them that they can relate to. They are engaged around one message that they want to deliver through the painting or drawing they create. When people draw or act out concepts, the information is better embedded.

A participatory culture
A participatory culture allows strong support for creating and sharing creations. Members also believe their contributions matter and feel some degree of social connection with one another: members care about others’ opinions of what they have created (i.e. Henry Jenkins). This is what we do at Kulturelia.

Kulturelia light painting art projects help people to connect together: while we don’t have enough time or never get the opportunity to meet, this participatory artwork will enable people to stop, contemplate, create and connect. It opens up new encounters, new understandings and new opportunities to understand each other. It is celebrated by the completion of the canvas at the end.

Creativity and the arts emphasize collaboration. Teamwork happens from the first steps of working with someone else on the Kulturelia light painting art projects: people all paint together on the canvas and anyone can collaborate with them, it is a team work.

A better perception of a place
People are connected to the place they belong to and they identify themselves to a community. The place where the project will be held, will be forever impacted by the painting created by people, a place they will belong to. The art display generates a better public perception of the place and the building that houses it: it makes it warm and welcoming to everyone, it enhances the decor with amazing art made by people. The Kulturelia light painting art projects can be done during a special event, in a place where people get together, in a company, during a festival, in the streets, wherever it is possible to bring people all together. It could be the front face of the corporation if displayed in a lobby or meeting room for example, it is a great way to fill blank space and really helps humanize places for the community. 

Public impact
The Kulturelia art team may schedule a public reception, a talk, to share their statement and how the concept can inspire people. It creates an opportunity to connect art to audiences who may never have been in touch with the art world otherwise. 

A successful participation design
Participants thrive on opportunities for self-expression and they to collaborate confidently with strangers. They engage through personal entry points around a creative social experience set-up by Kulturelia light painting art projects.

Art makes you feel good. Kulturelia light painting art projects bring you to a meditative place while having to concentrate on the canvas. Many participants say they feel great about painting as they completely are in the moment. 

Free expression
To create the canvas at first, people follow the lines. There is no “fear” of a blank canvas and will start painting right away. While experiencing being an artist, you will get a unique experience to express yourself. Art is seen as a valid and valued option to express themselves. At the same time, the viewer may engage intellectually and express himself around the topic on the canvas.

The Kulturelia light painting art projects make people feel important. They contribute to something bigger than them: a collaborative painting engaging many people.

Some associations or companies are using their influence to lead culturally relevant conversations that align with their brand’s core values. Bringing art around this strong message will bring awareness to people and how they related to it. The Kulturelia light painting art project enriches people with new experiences and messages about their world and community and it could leverage your community engagement or audience.

Copyrights @David Lavallee

Copyrights @David Lavallee



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